The BAR Formula

The Super Easy 3-Part Method For Amazing Storytelling
(Even If You're Not A "Natural" Storyteller)

    • How to confidently build trust and stop boring people to death.
    • A breakdown of the winning story formulas used by Apple and Harry Potter (and why they stay so memorable).
    • Form an instant emotional connection with your audience and make them excited to hear (and buy) from you.

About Me

Hi, I’m Carolynn Ananian (direct response copywriter).

For years, I worked as a bartender and survived by my storytelling. When you work hospitality, you live and die by your ability to spin a good yarn to a crowded room.

I mean, if you can’t hold your prospect’s attention and make them understand what makes your product awesome, you’re toast!

Eventually I discovered that EVERY winning story has 3 key pieces. Suddenly, strangers were hanging on my every word.

Today, I’ve used this storytelling formula to get big wins for my copy clients (plus entertain audiences at Copy Chief Radio and the Huffington Post).

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