Hi, I’m Carolynn Ananian.

I’m a direct response copywriter with almost a decade of experience in digital marketing and direct mail. Currently, I work at Stansberry Research. I also wrote copy for a few years at Agora.

I get a lot of inquiries so it made sense to put up this page as a resource for frequently asked questions…

  • “Are you taking clients?” Thank you for your interest (seriously), but I’m not taking on clients at this time due to a full workload.
  • “I’m trying to break into copywriting. Do you have any tips?” I’ve shared a lot of advice about this on Quora, so start there. Also, consider joining Copy Chief. CC helps new writers get in the door, get hired, and get paid. I’m a volunteer there and regularly offer feedback on people’s copy, and you’ll get to network with actual working writers in the industry (and find job opportunities).
  • “I’m trying to break into copywriting. Can you review my writing samples?” No, sorry, I get a million of these requests and just don’t have the time.
  • “I’m trying to break into financial copywriting. Will you hire me?” Sorry, I don’t make hiring decisions at Stansberry and can only vouch for people whose work I know. Not to get repetitive on you, but seriously, join Copy Chief.
  • “Okay, but I’ve written some copy for Stansberry’s latest promo. Will you run it? Free of charge? So you can see how awesome I am?” I get a million of these requests too and honestly, the answer is still no. I really, really don’t make these decisions. If you want to get in the door as a junior, your best bet is keeping your eyes peeled for open positions and applying that way – or networking through people who already know you. Great advice for new writers across all niches, not just finpub.
  • “Do you have an email list I can join?” I have a woefully ignored email list I haven’t written to in a while. If you’re looking for a great read on how to grow a business, check out Overdeliver by Brian Kurtz. One day when I have the time (haha), I’ll post a full reading list for all things sales and marketing.
  • “Haven’t I heard you talk somewhere…?” You might’ve! I’ve been interviewed a few times at Copy Chief Radio and Permission to Kick Ass. I also pop up from time to time for guest lectures at places like The Copy Workshop, where I’ve taught persuasion and consumer psychology by making students watch the opening scene of The Godfather.
  • “What’s the best way to contact you?” Best way to reach me is LinkedIn.

I think that covers everything for now. Thanks again for your interest.